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The Worlds 50 Best: A neighbourhood eatery where every dish tells a story

Family affair: An unlicensed restaurant set in a new development in Jumeirah, one of Dubai’s old residential areas, Orfali Bros Bistro was founded by three food-loving brothers (Mohammad, Wassim and Omar) from Syria. They’ve created their own brand of cuisine comprising the food they love to eat. Irrespective of where it comes from, if they like it, you’ll find it on the menu.

Out of the box: The intimate dining room is dominated by a two-storey open test kitchen that leaves nothing to the imagination. Mouth-watering and delightfully presented pastries and desserts are created on the top floor by Wassim and Omar, while the savoury dishes are prepared down below where Mohammed seemingly teleports from the pass to each table to explain how each dish came to be.

Story time: Often featuring hidden elements and surprising combinations, the menu is an account of the art, travel, cultures and personal experiences that have impacted the brothers’ lives. Served with a side of whimsy or nostalgia, every dish has a story.

Go-to dishes? The caviar bun and the corn bomb are one-bite wonders not to be missed. The same can be said for ‘guess what?’ – a fattoush, Greek salad and gazpacho hybrid; a fragrant, spicy, crunchy salad called ‘eat H’ and the shish barak à la gyoza, a Levantine take on the Asian staple.